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Plant One On Us

Animals in captivity need to feel safe in their environment. Trees, shrubs, and other native plants give these residents a feeling of security and peace.

Please help us make their homes a comfortable as possible by donating plants, trees, and native perennial plants of your choice to enrich the habitats at our wildlife sanctuary.

Below is a list of trees, shrubs, plants, and supplies needed to make the facility more attractive to wildlife.

Next to each item is a DONATE button, which will take you to PayPal where you may complete your donation. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to do this.

Your generosity is appreciated – and your donation is tax-deductible!

Screening Evergreens

Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana)

Deer resistant evergreen, aromatic tree with trunk often angled and buttressed at base and narrow, compact, columnar crown; sometimes becoming broad and irregular. Pyramidal when young, Eastern red-cedar mature form is quite variable. This evergreen usually grows 30-40 ft. but can reach 90 ft.

Full Sun, grows to a height of 40–50' and a spread of 8–20' at maturity. Additional Info

Approximate price $20

Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus)

Eastern white pine is a stately canopy tree, 75-100 ft. tall; sometimes much taller. Gracefully plume-like in outline, white pine is very distinctive when compared to other conifers. Its branches are horizontal and tiered.

Full Sun, and partial shade height of 50–80' and a spread of 20–40' at maturity. Additional Info

Approximate price for young tree $20

Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)

This lofty, deciduous conifer grows 50-75 ft. or taller. It is slender and conical in youth, becoming flat-topped in very old age. Sage-green, bipinnately compound leaves, which look more like feathers than needles, turn copper before falling. A tapering trunk is slightly buttressed at the swollen base.

Full Sun, height of 50–70' and a spread of around 25' at maturity height increases of 13–24" per year. Additional Info

Approximate price for young tree $20

Inkberry (Ilex glabra)

A mound-shaped, colony-forming shrub, somewhat open with age, 6-12 ft. tall and wide. Lance-shaped, sparingly-toothed, glossy, leathery foliage varies in color from dark- to light-green both in summer and fall. Inconspicuous flowers are followed by black berries which persist well into winter.

Full Sun to Part Shade, Height: 5' to 8' Spread: 5' to 8'

Approximate price for young bush $20

Fruiting Trees & Bushes

Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum)

This blueberry species is a 6-12 ft. high and wide, deciduous shrub with numerous upright stems and twiggy branches forming a rounded, compact outline. Reddish-green spring leaves turn blue-green in summer and red, yellow, orange and purple in fall. White or pink bell-shaped flowers in drooping clusters are followed by edible, blue fruit. A multi-stemmed shrub with green, or often red, twigs and terminal clusters of small, urn-shaped white flowers. Our cultivated blueberries have been derived from the tall-growing shrub. It is often found in wet areas, but closely related growths occur in dry sites. These plants are very important to wildlife: their berries are relished by songbirds, game birds, bear, and small mammals; the twigs and foliage are eaten by deer and rabbits. Because of their food value and spectacular red fall foliage, these shrubs are excellent for naturalized landscaping.

Sun to partial shade

Approximate price for young bush $20

Low Bush Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium)

A low, straggling shrub, usually 6 in. to 2 ft. tall and wide. Multiple stems; twiggy branches. Glossy foliage turns from red-green in spring to dark blue-green in summer to maroon-purple in fall. Small, white, pink-tinged, bell-shaped flowers are followed by edible blue fruit. The berries are relished by wildlife and humans alike.

Sun to partial shade

Approximate price for young bush $20

Black Huckleberry (Gaylussacia baccata)

A much-branched, stiff, colony-forming shrub, 1-2 ft. tall, with white, tubular flowers in axillary panicles on the previous season growth. Purplish-black, edible berries follow. The small, oval leaves turn shades of orange and crimson in the fall. An upright-branching shrub with small leaves and blue-black berries. The berries on this shrub make is a valuable plant for wildlife.

Sun to partial shade

Approximate price for young bush $20

Highbush Blackberry (Rubus allegheniensis)

A multi-stemmed shrub, 3-6 ft. tall and between 6-12 ft. wide. Commonly forms broad colonies. Erect branches become arching. Bark is purplish-red and armed with prickles. Dark green summer foliage is palmately or pinnately compound, becoming orange, red and purple in fall. Loose, terminal clusters of five-petaled flowers are followed by thimble-shaped, raspberry-like, black berries. The Highbush Blackberry is a member of the family Rosaceae.

Sun to partial shade

Approximate price for young bush $20

Beach Plum (Prunus maritima)

Beach plum is a rounded, dense, suckering shrub growing 6 ft. tall or more. White, single or double flowers occur in small clusters before the dark-green, glossy leaves. Fruits are dull purple to crimson, ripening from Aug. to Oct. The Beach Plum is a member of the rose family (family Rosaceae) which includes about 2000 species of trees, shrubs, and herbs worldwide; approximately 77 native and 9 naturalized tree species and many species of shrubs and herbs in North America; including service-berries (Amelanchier), hawthorns (Crataegus), apples (Malus), plums and cherries (Prunus), and mountain-ashes (Sorbus).

Full Sun

Approximate price for young bush $30

American Holly Tree (Ilex oparca)

Holly sprigs are widely known as the everlasting symbol of Christmas cheer. But holly as a tree offers much more. It lends unique beauty to the landscape all year long, provides cover and food for birds, and has been developed into more than 1,000 cultivars by enthusiastic holly buffs.

Full Sun, height of 40–50' and a spread of 18–40' at maturity. Additional Info

Approximate price for 3' tree $60

Red Chokeberry (Aronia arbutifolia)

A deciduous shrub which typically grows to 6-8' tall and is perhaps most noted for its attractive glossy red berries and red fall foliage color. Clusters of white to pinkish flowers appear in spring. Flowers are followed by abundant glossy red 3/8" diameter fruit which appear in dense clusters along the branches. The fruit ripen in late summer and persist throughout fall and well into winter. Best fruit production usually occurs in full sun. The glossy, dark green turns bright red in autumn. Birds love it.

Full sun or part shade 6-10’ tall and 3-5’ wide. Additional Info

Approximate price for 3’ tree $40

Bayberry Shrub (Myrica pensylvanica)

Because of the resin in their branches and the strong smell of their leaves, these bushes are deer-resistant shrubs. But bayberry shrubs are plants that attract birds. If planted en masse, the resulting thicket, created by their dense branching patterns, will afford the wild birds some cover in winter. The gray berries, while not a preferred food source for most birds (their waxiness may not be very palatable), do serve as an emergency food source. You do not need to prune them often (if at all) since they are slow-growing bushes.

Full Sun 10' Tall. Additional Info

Approximate price for 2 gallon shrub $20

Common Winterberry (Ilex verticillata (L.) Gray)

Must have male & female for berries. The attractive bright red fruit of winterberry is eaten by small mammals and more than 48 species of birds. The leaves and stems of winterberry are not a preferred source of browse, but moose, whitetail deer, cottontail rabbits, and snowshoe hare do utilize this plant. The persistent bright red fruit of this shrub make it very popular for landscaping. It is recommended for planting in shady moist areas, even though its growth and form are best under open grown conditions.

Full Sun to Part Shade, 3-12’ tall and wide. Additional Info

Approximate price for young pair of bushes $35

Black Cherry Tree (Prunus serotina)

These grow slowly in dense shade, sometimes reaching 15 cm in height in 3-4 years, fruits are important food for numerous species of passerine birds, game birds, and mammals, including the red fox, black bear, raccoon, opossum, squirrels, and rabbits.

Full Sun, fast-growing forest tree growing to a height of 50-80 feet. Additional Info

Approximate price for 2'-3' tree $18

Crab Apple Tree (Malus 'Adirondack')

Abundant, bright orange-red, hard, small (1/2-inch) fruit persist until early winter. Relished by birds after softened by freezing.

Full Sun. 18’ Tall 10’ wide. Additional Info

Approximate price for 5’ tree $60

Black Gum (Nyssa sylvatica)

Attract many wildlife fans, such as butterflies, that love the nectar produced by the tree's flowers. In addition, birds relish the nutritious, small, sour, berry-like fruit found on the tree.

Full Sun and Partial Shade tree grows 30 to 50 feet tall and has a spread of 20 to 30 feet wide. Additional Info

Approximate price for 3.25 gallon tree $25

Serviceberry (Amelanchier arborea) (Michx. f.) Fernald

The fruit is a reddish- purple pome, resembling a small apple in shape. They ripen in summer and are very popular with birds.

Full Sun, 6’ tall. Additional Info

Approximate price for 5.5 gallon tree $40

Flowering Trees & Bushes

Eastern Redbud (Cercis Canadensis)

Known as the harbinger of spring, the eastern redbud’s delicate blossoms and buds are one of the season’s most dramatic displays.

Full sun to partial shade 15 to 30 feet tall and spreads 15 to 25 feet. Additional Info

Approximate price for 3.25 gallon tree $30

Jelena Witch Hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia)

Rich coppery-orange flowers on this unusual shrub add blazing color to the winter landscape. Dense clusters of flowers with wavy, strap-like petals blanket the bare branches of the dramatic, spreading form. Plant near entries and patios, where their sweet fragrance can be enjoyed. Deciduous.

Full sun to part shade, 8-12' tall and wide, Showy, Fragrant. Additional Info

Approximate price for a young bush $40

Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)

Shrub. Fragrant pink and red flowers from mid-summer to late fall. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, but resists deer

Approximate price for a 4.5 in. qt. $17 each


Stella De Oro Daylily

Re-blooms yellow flowers spring & fall.

Approximate price for a 2.5 qt. $18 each

Full Sun to Part Shade

Purple Stella De Oro Daylily

Attracts birds and butterflies.

Approximate price for a 2.5 qt. $18 each

Full Sun to Part Shade

Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias Tuberosa)

This bushy, 1.5 - 2 ft. perennial is prized for its large, flat-topped clusters of bright-orange flowers. The leaves are mostly alternate, 1.5 – 2.25 inches long, pointed, and smooth on the edge. Its brilliant flowers attract butterflies. Butterfly Weed was given its other common name, Pleurisy Root. Although it is sometimes called Orange Milkweed, this species has no milky sap.

Approximate price $10

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea Purpurea)

A popular perennial with smooth, 2 - 5 ft. stems and long-lasting, lavender flowers. Rough, scattered leaves that become small toward the top of the stem. Flowers occur singly atop the stems and have domed, purplish-brown, spiny centers and drooping, lavender rays. An attractive perennial with purple (rarely white), drooping rays surrounding a spiny, brownish central disk.

Approximate price $10

Early Sunrise Tickseed Plant

Daisy-like yellow flowers from spring to fall. Deer, drought and rabbit tolerant.

Approximately price for a 1 gal. $20

Average soil and a sunny site

Petite Delight Bee-Balm Plant 

Lavender-Rose Flowers throughout Summer, Easy to Grow in Average, Moisture Rich Soil in a Sunny Area, Attracts Bees, Butterflies, Pollinating Insects, and Hummingbird

Approximate price for a 1 gal. $20

Average, Moisture Rich Soil in a Sunny Area

Mercury Rising Coreopsis Tickseed

Unique Spreading Habit! Ever since new colors began to be introduced into the Coreopsis family several years ago, we have been looking for a truly exceptional red: cold-hardy, color-fast, and vigorous.

Approximately price for a 1 qt. $8

Sod, Grass Seed, & Topsoil

Bluegrass Sod

Approximate price for 500 sq. ft. / 1 Pallet $429

Smart Seed / Sun and Shade North Grass Seed

Ideal for sunny to moderately shady areas, Smart Seed formula is drought, heat and disease resistant. Covers up to 2300 sq. ft. with 7-14 day seed germination

Approximately price for 7 lb. bag $28


Use to level low areas in landscape beds and gardens. Topsoil is mixed with native soil and does not contain fertilizer.

Approximate price for a 40 lb. bag $2

Garden Tools

5.5 in. Bypass Pruner

Ambidextrous design for comfortable & easy use. 5/8 in. cut capacity to easily tackle stems and branches. Cushioned comfort grips provide a secure, slip-free use.

Approximately $10

14 ft. Bypass Pruner

Power-lever technology gives to 2 times more cutting power. Includes 15 in. saw blade, lifetime warranty.

Approximately $30

44 in. Digging Shovel

Durable tempered steel blade, foot step for comfort and control, strong hardwood handle.

Approximately $10

You can be a part of this, and everyone can help in some way. We need all of you if this is going to be a success!