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The Star Foundation Member Update July 2017

Wildlife for rehabilitation
Barred Owl

Motorcycle Run and Party a Big Success
We want to thank everyone who helped to plan, organize, run and attend the 4th Annual Motorcycle Run and Party for Wildlife. Although the weather was working against us, we still had a great turnout, both in riders and party guests! We had an enormous amount of prizes, lots of food, and a great band: South Bay Salty Dogs. Thanks for supporting STAR Foundation, and we hope you will all be there with your friends next year.

We Need Your Help!
So many babies have passed through our doors already this year, and so much needs to be done at the center. We depend on your support – donations of cash, cleaning supplies, foods, and most of all, volunteers to do the work. There are many needs around the center building that we simply cannot accomplish without funds and the support of local business people.

Our garage doors are literally falling off the tracks, we have appliances and office equipment that need repair, sheetrock damage from a roof leak, and a shed that the squirrels have turned into Grand Central Station. We need to build new aviaries for the permanent resident owls and hawks. We had hoped to build a turtle habitat before the winter, a task the will require concrete work and water lines. Most days we do animal care from 6AM to late into the night. There is just not enough time for the volunteer base we have to get out there and learn how to do these big jobs. Please consider adopting STAR for one of these larger projects.

Please call 631-736-8207 or email to talk to us if you would like to help.

Wildlife Rescue Transport Training
Classes have been on hold due to the overflow of rehab animals into our classroom. We are hoping to have most of the baby opossums and fawns out of the meeting area in time to offer another Rescue/Transport Training class on August 13, Sunday – from 3PM to 5PM. Space is limited, and you must RSVP before Aug 10. There is a $20 donation requested per attendee. Learn how to recognize wildlife in distress and how to safely capture and deliver injured animals to rehabbers or vets. Hopefully you will leave with the basic knowledge and desire to be a Rescue/Transport volunteer with STAR.

Pet of the Week
"Mohegan" male Guinea Pig. Young, healthy, friendly. If you would like to be Mohegan's new family, please submit an application.

Donate Supplies!
We are looking for donated gently used egg incubators, reptile light fixtures, and large aquarium stands in good condition. Maybe you have something buried in your basement that will help the animals. You can also visit our Amazon Wish List to see what other supplies you can send in to help save even more.

Adopt a Pet!
Please see an updated list of all our adoptable pets! We have birds, snakes, rabbits, lizards and more … look and find your new best friend!

Wish List
We now have a wish list on Amazon. Check it out if you would like to help without having to go to a store.

Have Skills To Share?
We need to get lots of property maintenance, building repairs and new enclosures going. If you have any skills you might be willing to share, please call us or get your volunteer application in as soon as possible.

See a complete list of upcoming events.
We need volunteers for all these events – please contact us if you are interested in helping.

Like Us?
We are going to be posting additional updates on our Facebook page, so make sure you "like" us.

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