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Member Update - December 2018

Winter is almost upon us, and we are preparing for the snow and cold weather: pens need to be cleaned, patched up, and wrapped for protection; paths need to be cleared of debris and leaves so snow blowers can make paths through the snow; and heaters have to be installed and tested to keep the large water tubs from freezing and to keep the feral kitties warm. Weeks speed by and with so many animals to care for we find little time and energy to get to these extra tasks. Once everything is frozen, keeping all the residents safe and well is a real challenge.

Annual paperwork is done, and we had over 350 wild animals come in for rehabilitation this year. However, the abandoned pet crisis continues to overburden our resources. We have rescued almost an equal number of small unwanted pets. Although we are primarily a wildlife rescue, these critters don’t have any place else to go, so we feel that we need to step in. Dog and cat rescues and municipal shelters are not equipped to handle animals that need special diets, housing, lighting and medical care.

Many exotic pets were adopted and we are hoping more will make it into new homes before the year is over. Please share with friends that there are many guinea pigs, ferrets, reptiles and birds here at STAR, and we hope that anyone looking to add a pet to the family will consider not buying until there are no homeless pets.

Our Pet Photos with Santa day went well, and we were fortunate to have Scott Macdonough, professional photographer, help us out this year. We want to thank him so much for supporting the mission! Thank you to all who came out in the rain.

Rat Day is just around the corner, December 20, and if you plan on helping out that day, don’t forget to make sure your volunteer application is in.

We hope that you will all remember STAR this holiday season. We cannot keep this sanctuary open with just good intentions. Please make a donation – no amount is too small. You can donate through this website, Facebook, by phone, or by mail. The animals are counting on you. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Save the Animals

Don’t forget that without your support we cannot save the animals. Donate, volunteer, and spread the word. Follow us on Facebook. Don’t buy – adopt. Everything you do, no matter how little it may seem, makes a difference to an animal that cannot help itself.

Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for all upcoming events – please contact us if you think you are interested in helping!

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