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Can You Help?

Spring has finally sprung, and we are busy feeding baby squirrels and bunnies. We have some new volunteers learning the ropes, and long-time volunteers taking their leave. Many projects are in the works, and we still need lots of help to get more enclosures built, and lots of things fixed and cleaned up in the center.

Many of our adoptable pets have found new homes, and many more are still hoping for loving families to give them the love and care they deserve. The work never ends and the animals continue to need our help.

If you have any building, painting, or handyman skills please send us a volunteer application so we can get things rolling. We have several fundraisers scheduled, and will need workers and donations as well as attendees.

Tee Shirt Design

Every year STAR produces a t-shirt design, and this year we are looking for fresh ideas for a new design. Pictures must be original art, line style drawings, and you must be willing to donate the artwork to STAR, although the artist will be credited.

The picture should feature native wildlife and can be with text or without. So if you are artistically talented – start drawing

Do You Know How to Raise a Baby Bird?

We are overwhelmed with calls for baby birds who need to come in for rehab. If you have done this before you know that it is a very demanding job. A Federal permit is required to raise or rehab migratory birds, but many of the babies we get called on to help are non-migratory and can be raised by a caregiver who knows how to do it and keep them wild.

If you would be interested in taking in a few nests of baby starlings or sparrows and keeping them until they can be released, please let us know who you are!

Friends and Family BBQ

Saturday, August 18th, 2018 at 5:00 pm at our Wildlife Center

Gourmet Grillmaster “Bruce” will prepare a feast for all, with standard favorites and tasty surprises. George Tebbitt will be performing live, and some of our ambassador animals will be making special appearances.

$25 per person for adults and $20 for kids under 12 years old. This is a limited space event, so we encourage you to call or email for your tickets ahead of time.

Release Sites for Rehabilitated Animals

We need soft release sites for rehabilitated animals that are ready to go back to living wild. If you have a good location [low traffic, minimal predators, not already overpopulated] and you are willing to put up a safe enclosure, please call to speak with a rehabber about how you can help with releases.

Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for all upcoming events – please contact us if you think you are interested in helping!

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