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Think Adoption

Baby season is almost upon us, and we need to be ready. We have lots of domestic rescued animals that need to get into new homes. Birds, snakes, guinea pigs, ferrets and rabbits are all patiently waiting for their own special person to take them into their heart and their home. Space is limited here at the STAR center, and there will soon be hundreds of orphaned and injured wild animals who are going to need our help. Please consider adopting one of our special critters – step one is complete the adoption form.

Spring Projects

Winter prevents us from making much progress on many projects around the STAR property. As soon as the weather permits, we need experienced carpenters, electricians, masons, landscapers/gardeners, and lots of reliable animal care and rescue volunteers. We have enclosures to be built, a fawn barn to be finished, and lots of outside property to be cleaned up and maintained.

A roof leak (now fixed) damaged some sheetrock, and our garage doors are literally falling down. When we are in full wildlife season we may have as many as 400 animals here. Everyone needs care every day – and that takes a lot of people power. They need us no matter what, so animal caregivers must be here, no matter what. If you want to join us to make a difference in many animals’ lives, the volunteer application is available.

Please spread the word. There is so much more to keeping a rehab center open than just bottle-feeding baby squirrels. We need everyone to step up and do what they can to keep this mission going. The animals depend on STAR and places like it to help, and we can only help if we have the funding and the people to do the job.

Never a Dull Moment

Winter critters get into trouble, too. Several opossums are still here recovering from injuries sustained from attacking dogs and speeding cars. Flying squirrels, although most never seen because of their nocturnal nature, are still injured by cats and other predators. We have even had quite a few bats stumble into situations that required that they come to get some R & R at STAR. Squirrels, the "Dennis the Menaces" of wildlife, are always getting into scrapes with predators and humans. Our center is never closed … and never boring!

Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for all upcoming events – please contact us if you think you are interested in helping!

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