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September 2018 Member Update

So many animals have passed through the STAR Wildlife Center in Middle Island already this season. Hundreds have been raised or rehabilitated and returned to “the wild” for their second chance at life. It is not easy being a wild animal on Long Island. So much building, traffic and habitat destruction makes it a very difficult place to be free. There is much to be said for “letting nature takes its course,” but cars, dogs, feral cats, pesticides, fertilizers, hockey nets, empty jars and balloons are not part of nature – they are all dangers that would not exist without humans mucking everything up with so little regard for the delicate lives we share this world with.

We thank all the good Samaritans who called us for advice and who were willing to step up and rescue so many creatures and get them to help. This has been a very hard year for volunteers at the center, for financial support and for any kind of expansion of habitats. We are still close to or at full capacity, and the calls continue day and night. This fall we must get some enclosures up before the winter hits, or we will be right back where we are now come next spring. We need your help. Please make a donation, no matter how small. If you are experienced at designing and building we need your time. We need painters, sheet rockers, and roofers, general and landscaping contractors.

Keeping a wildlife center open every day of the year and trying to accommodate all the animals that come to us in need of help is a very expensive undertaking. We are not funded by any government, corporate or municipal agency. We are here for the animals, and we are depended upon by the local vets, shelters, police, SPCA, public safety and anyone who finds themselves faced with a wildlife or pet situation that they need assistance with. We do not get paid to be here, but we are – through snowstorms and hurricanes, and although we may not be able to fix every problem, we will always do the best we can to find help or a solution for the caller. We can only continue if we get your support – to keep the electric bills paid, to provide foods and medicines for the patients, to keep the building in one piece. We need volunteers to come in and be trained to provide care for the animals, but if you don’t have the spare time to commit to a regular shift, you can help by dropping off supplies, helping with and attending fundraisers, transporting animals or donations. Let us know what you can do. Call 631-736-8207 or email

Save the Date

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Save the Animals

Don’t forget that without your support we cannot save the animals. Donate, volunteer, and spread the word. Follow us on Facebook. Don’t buy – adopt. Everything you do, no matter how little it may seem, makes a difference to an animal that cannot help itself.

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Volunteers are needed for all upcoming events – please contact us if you think you are interested in helping!

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