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Fun Fundraising

Wildlife rehabbers are volunteers who dig into their own pockets for everything the animals in their care need. They get licensed/trained on their own, build their own cages, and pay for all of the supplies. There is no government funding available to these people, and because of the financial burden, many have to limit or totally eliminate their services. There are many supplies that can only be purchased through vets or by special order. On the other hand, there are supplies that can be picked up at the local grocery store or pet shop that use up a large portion of the rehabbers meager budget, and these are the items that we request from individuals or groups doing fundraisers.

Your Donations Are Important
Many of our readers have contributed to our donation boxes, and we are truly grateful. Everything collected has been put to good use. This year we have to do better. When we call on a rehabber to help with an animal, and they tell us that they need supplies, we want to be able to deliver!! We really need the following:

Amazon Smile
We hope that all of you who shop at Amazon do so through Amazon Smile and have designated us as your charity. This helps us – at no additional cost to you. See the Wish List products you can purchase on Amazon Smile.

Babies Have To Be Fed
These are not expensive items if you need one of each, but when you are cleaning multiple cages and feeding dozens of animals, things really start to add up. A small litter can cost between $25 and $40 per day to feed on formula purchased at a pet shop. When you run out of formula and money those babies still have to be fed. The rehabbers labor is non-stop, and the mess never ends, but you can help by picking up a few extra items next time you go to the store. If you are a part of an organization and would like to collect donations for us, we would be happy to provide you with a wish list and literature to hand out to your members. Let's see if we can make this the best year ever!